Family Preservation & Reunification
This program is a home-based, multiple component intervention designed to maintain children and youth safely within their own homes, or to facilitate reunification after out-of-home placements. Referrals are through the BC provincial Child & Family Services. Support is goal oriented and time limited (ideally 6 months). It offers counselling and life skills training, access to concrete services, and links to informal supports, as well as presenting parenting and problem solving techniques. Services include supervised access and parent education groups which provide skill building for parents and children.

Family Support
This is an open access service offering short term (up to three months) solution-focused counselling and parenting education for families experiencing difficulties with children or youth.

Support to Foster Care
Program provides support and training for foster care providers, to sustain placement and enhance the ability to deal with a variety of situations and behaviours. Issues, challenges and supports needed for foster parents are identified through collaboration with the BC provincial Child & Family Services Resource worker. Regular contact is maintained through home visits, emails, phone calls and training opportunities. Support is identified and defined by the foster parent’s unique needs and delivered through one to one behavioural support, resource sharing, advocacy, promoting networking and therapeutic “venting”. An education and support group is offered monthly. Recreational and Family Fun events are offered throughout the year.

Parent & Teen Conflict Resolution

Restorative conversation, improved communication, planning and problem solving together in a neutral meeting space. Families may be eligible for up to 5 free sessions. Daytime, weekend or evening appointments can be arranged.